Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Can you guess which Saratoga County union official was visited by the FBI at his office as part of the probe into Joe Bruno?


Anonymous said...

does it have something to do with the unions at the tracks?

Anonymous said...

More than likely.

Erie R said...

Is it too much to ask that Bruno step aside before his disregard for the law and morality destroy what remains of the party in New York?

Anonymous said...

amen to that!
resign before you're INDICTED, joe.
and take mcardle with you. let him go run something he's qualified for, like a petting zoo.

Anonymous said...

dear joe:

i know you're surrounded by idiots like mcardle, but you need to understand that stuff like this:


if david paterson is lecturing you on fiscal conservatism, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO STEP DOWN.